5 Tips to Smash Your eLearning Course

Signed up to an online course but finding it hard to focus? Follow our study tips to help keep you motivated and keep procrastination at bay.  


Study Zone 

Let’s start with where you’re studying. At the office? Are you able to get a room away from the hubbub of office noise? If not, a pair of noise cancelling headphones can go a long way.  


On your sofa or bed? Hello back pain. 


Studies show it’s more effective to learn in a dedicated study space where there is a clear distinction between where you relax and where you learn. Plus you’re more likely to recall information if you’re in the same place where you first learned it, so stick to the same set-up if possible.   


Goal Setting 

Now onto what you’re learning. What do you want to accomplish each time you log on? Create goals. You’re more likely to stick to them if they’re specific and easy to measure. For example, “I’ll do three topics and one quiz.”  



We’ve all done it. Given ourselves a whole day to achieve something and ‘run out of time’. Instead, carve out a specific slot in your day to study. And don’t get tempted to check your emails (in fact, just close your email server down for that dedicated period of study time).  


Just as important is to schedule regular breaks – studies show that when you are in a relaxed state of mind you are likely to process information and consolidate memories.

Check out our exam revision guide for more techniques such as the Pomodoro method and spaced repetition.  



Writing down key learning points promotes active thinking, boosts comprehension, and extends your attention span. It’s a great strategy to internalise knowledge. You can do this on post-its, your notes app, or regular pen and paper. Old school!  


Keep yourself accountable 

Whether this course is part of departmental learning or self-development, a supportive network goes a long way.  Tell your friends and colleagues about your course. Post your achievements and certificates to your social media.  


We all need cheerleaders in our lives, so here’s a little encouragement from us.  

If you need any support from the Academy, just drop us an email at academy@monmouthpartners.com 

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